Digital Transformation

Micro Focus delivers the speedagilitysecurity and insights necessary to succeed in an evolving marketplace.

Our Top-Trending Digital Transformation Solutions

Next-Generation Security Operations Center (SOC)

The next-generation SOC is tech-driven and people enhanced. It relies on automation and incorporates tools such as machine learning, which can flag unusual behaviors and identify attack methods that haven’t been seen before. Learn more about how to improve your security posture with advanced analytics.

Trending Digital Transformation Solutions

Complexity is the enemy of velocity, and simplification improves application delivery acceleration and operational stability. Learn how to streamline and remove barriers to Continuous Delivery through automation – to ultimately reduce cycle times, deliver applications with confidence, and provide end-to-end compliance and control throughout the process.

Smarter for employees. Smarter for IT.

Intuitive, personalized, no-wait self-service is an expectation everywhere, including at work. Learn how to overcome the limitations of manual ESM and ITSM tools to start delivering connected, automated, informed experiences — powered by machine learning — to every employee across the enterprise.

Future-proof core business systems

Future-focused organizations don’t assume further success; they plan for it. Micro Focus Application Modernization is a transformation journey that bridges old and new to create value from longstanding IT investments, on or off the mainframe. Learn how to build on strength by reusing apps and data in new ways to deliver game-changing innovation, faster.