Our Partners

TrustBuilder Corporation

TrustBuilder is a European solution provider of a state-of-the-art Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution. The company came to existence in December 2017 as a successor to the systems integrator company SecurIT, bringing on board almost 20 years of experience in implementing IAM solutions. Its TrustBuilder IDHub is an innovative approach towards an IAM solution that can tackle all challenges today’s Web- and API-Access Management tools face, but remains user-friendly and flexible regarding a company’s requirements.

Based in Belgium, the heart of Europe, the company’s customers currently supervise more than 40.000.000 digital user identities.

Why edgeNEXUS?

This is mission critical technology and we’ve got years of experience focused solely on developing our solution. Our load balancers are certified by leading technology partners and are deployed in resilient infrastructures around the world.

It’s all about you

Understanding the unique challenges our customers face helps us develop an outstanding solution. Our established and varied customer base reflects our commitment to delivering good value, high-performing solutions with superb support. We’re proud of our customers, but even prouder of what they say about us.